William Owens

William Owens

Fraud Prevention

The architect of the accounting fraud at HealthSouth Corporation, Owens was one of the first to blow the whistle on CEO Richard Scrushy; his plan to fake earnings to the tune of 2.7 billion dollars earned him 43 months in a federal prison. Owens accepts full responsibility for his crimes and travels the country teaching companies how to be proactive in their fight against fraud. “I paid my debt to society and I paid a very dear price,” he said. “I realize I had my priorities wrong for a lot of years.”

Owens lost not only his lavish lifestyle but his family as well. He understands that he may never scale the path to professional redemption, but during his time in prison he found personal redemption through faith.

Now his message to professional organizations, businesses, and colleges and universities is how to protect against fraud.

  • Preventing/Detecting Fraud in Corporate America
  • Anatomy of an Accounting Fraud