CJ Stewart

Afghanistan War Veteran

CJ Stewart left behind the “normal” route to life after his second year of college to pursue the calling placed on his life. In 2007, CJ graduated high school with honors in Madison, Mississippi and like most kids from his community, college was the next step to a happy life. It wouldn’t take him long to realize that there was more for him to do.

In June 2009, CJ joined the United States Army and left for Basic Training with the goal of becoming a Combat Medic. CJ went on to graduate top of his class and received awards for Marksmanship, Physical Training and was named the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his class. He attributes these accomplishments to his dedication and focus on God throughout the tough process.  Read More…

Tricia Raymond

Author & Speaker

Tricia Raymond’s unique perspective on patriotism, faith, and religious freedom has inspired audiences since 2007, when she published her first book, America’s Story: A History of the Pledge of Allegiance, written for children grades 6 – 8. Her journey began when Tricia wanted to develop a series of homeschool history lessons based on the Little House on the Prairie book series.  Researching various topics on American history, she came upon a footnote in a reference book about the Pledge of Allegiance.  Intrigued, she decided to dig for more information and to her surprise, uncovered a treasure trove of American history that no one had ever before uncovered.  Read More…