Ora Reed

Ora Reed

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Ora Reed is a singular musical talent. She is acclaimed as an exceptional singer and musician and recognized as a true Mississippi natural resource. So much so, she was appointed by then-Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour “Cultural Ambassador for the State of Mississippi,” a title she has proudly carried to four continents and more than a dozen countries. Ms. Reed’s musical repertoire includes Worship and Praise, Jazz Standards, Spirituals, Gospel and Pop which she has performed all over the world. Performances in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Carnegie Hall have all left appreciative audiences with profound respect for her musicality and heartfelt warmth from her vocal styling. “No matter what continent you are on, or country you are in, music is truly a universal language. I am so aware of this when I share in a church service where no English is spoken and I know the message of music has touched hearts.” Never very far from music, she has also held positions as administrative assistant to a state senator and to the president of the National Baptist Convention, as well as a presidential campaign coordinator, a concert promotions manager, and PR consultant to Mission Mississippi, a Christian organization that promotes racial and denominational reconciliation.

A four-time cancer survivor, which she attributes to her long-time faith, Ms. Reed now shares her story with other survivors and included on her debut CD, “This One’s For You,” the only self-penned tune, “We Are Survivors.” Despite life’s adversities, Ms. Reed remains upbeat, positive and full of faith. As a testimony to her faith, she has released “Simply Black and White”, a compilation of family favorite hymns, and an original song, “Moment To Moment”. This CD, which she produced, is perfect for morning mediation, and quiet time.


*Ora includes songs with her presentation if requested

  • Simply Black and White: Walking the Racial Tightrope
  • Embracing My Destiny: Seeing the World through a Song
  • Living in a Leap of Faith Minus a Safety Net
  • Cancer: A Personal Health Opportunity